University Partnerships

City-University Partnerships in Sustainability

Universities and local governments are stepping up in unison to ensure climate action goals are met, partnering to implement best-practice sustainability initiatives and policies in an ambitious, timely, and integrated manner. By working together, universities and cities have helped communities accelerate timelines for meeting climate action goals.

Our Services

U.S. colleges and universities can become ICLEI USA affiliates to access our GHG emissions management and climate action planning resources to conduct GHG inventories for their campus or to be used by faculty and students to develop inventories and mitigation plans for local governments.  ICLEI technical advisors are available to provide guidance to universities and perform quality assurance reviews.

Get Involved!

  • To learn more about these partnerships and other city-university case studies, please visit the City-University Collaborations on Sustainability website, here.
    • This website provides a platform to share your own story about how your local government or university has collaborated on sustainability-related projects. Please visit the “Share Your Story” page, here.
    • You will also find included on this website, a list of resources related to this topic. This includes books, webinars, conference recordings, other online sources, and networks. Please visit the “Resources” page, here, to take advantage of this service.
  • Join ICLEI-Local Governments for Sustainability USA as a local government member or higher education affiliate to gain access to tools, support, resources, and networks necessary to set and exceed your sustainability goals, here.

Photo by Allen Forrest