City-Business Collaboration

Collaboration between the public and private sectors is essential to addressing today’s greatest sustainability challenges. Together the public and private sector can reach goals more quickly and with more efficiency, while both achieve energy savings and create a healthier environment in their communities through reduction of their emissions.


Our Programs, Resources, & Tools

CB_OurPrograms_v2ICLEI has developed and executed programs designed to bridge private and public collaboration, with customizable tools and resources that enable businesses to launch local programs to achieve their sustainability goals while maintaining profit and savings.

Our Programs & Resources

Green Business Challenge (GBC)
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The Green Business Challenge helps communities interested in using friendly competition to drive private sector awareness and engagement in local government sustainability priorities

Innovative City-Business Collaboration Report
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ICLEI and the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) jointly launch the report: “Innovative city-business collaboration – Emerging good practice to enhance sustainable urban development.”


Our Network

3fbe4c3024ICLEI works closely with its members to identify opportunities for private sector investment in low-carbon and climate-resilient urban development and governance projects. ICLEI’s worldwide network of local governments members, extensive list of private and public partners, and historical success in working with businesses nationwide allows ICLEI to create well-informed resources and connect groups that will best support each other’s goals.



 Our Commitments

CB_ProgramsICLEI’s city-business programs help set emission reduction and climate action goals for both cities and businesses, and we help them meet those goals. Programs such as our Green Business Challenge and Compact of Mayors guide communities on what goals to set and celebrate their emission-reduction and energy-efficiency actions.