Higher Education Affiliate


More and more universities are undertaking inventories to analyze and track their greenhouse gas emissions. Higher education institutions also often play a significant role to support their host cities in conducting GHG inventories and developing climate action plans. In recognition of these trends and the important ways university students and faculty contribute to climate action, ICLEI USA will now offer a Higher Education Affiliate category.

There are a couple different ways that the university membership can look like. Universities can pick and choose aspects from these different cases as it fits their needs:

Case 1: Institutional Resource Access

This model is similar to the membership benefits for local governments. University staff will get access to the ClearPath Pro emissions-management software for university-wide GHG inventories, the ICLEI Community online peer-to-peer portal for resources and training, invitations to exclusive webinars and partner events, subscription to our iNews newsletter, and recognition of institutional successes throughout the ICLEI network.

Case 2: Classroom Support Program

In addition to the resources above, ICLEI can provide guest lectures and tailor our resources for the classroom. Students would gain access to access to sustainability professionals through our online Community portal.

Case 3: Regional Technical Assistance

The university can act as a regional entity to assist local governments in the region in GHG inventories and climate action plans. The University of Northern Iowa is a current active ICLEI member that operates this way. 

Case 4: Internships

Universities can partner with ICLEI to create internship projects. Past ICLEI internships have included biodiversity (CitiesWithNature initiative), sustainable procurement research, climate action plan across the nation, and city-university case studies. Interns have developed website platforms, presented on webinars, and attended global events, such as the ICLEI World Congress in Montreal.


Webinar: City-University Collaborations on Climate and Sustainability

Website: City-University Collaborations on Sustainability