Who is the Primary Elected Official Liaison

Primary Elected Official Liaison to ICLEI

Upon joining ICLEI, Members identify elected official liaisons from their jurisdictions to serve as the main points of contact for other elected officials in their jurisdictions, for other ICLEI Members and for ICLEI staff.

How does a Member select an elected official liaison?

Typically, elected liaisons are Mayors, County Executives, City Council Members, County Supervisors, or Commissioners. It is always up to the jurisdiction to determine the most appropriate person for the role. However, if no liaison is designated by the jurisdiction, the Mayor, Board or Commission Chair, or County Executive will be the default elected official liaison.

What is the role of the elected official liaison?

  • Keep the elected body aware of progress made by the local government in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and implementing sustainability plans
  • Inform elected and appointed officials of grant, financing, and recognition opportunities
  • Help motivate local government personnel and community members to accomplish climate protection goals
  • Participate in ICLEI training workshops
  • Report on the jurisdictions’ progress as it achieves ICLEI’s Five Milestones for climate protection
  • Help build and maintain support for ICLEI’s mission and goals


What kind of support do elected official liaisons receive from ICLEI?

  • Notifications of grant, financing, and promotion opportunities
  • Periodic updates on climate change science and policy news
  • ICLEI publications that summarize best practice examples and highlight successful emissions reduction policies and programs
  • Invitations to ICLEI regional, national, and international workshops and events, which often include tailored sessions focused on supporting the elected official’s role in doing emissions reduction work
  • Registration discounts and, when available, travel and lodging subsidies for ICLEI events
  • Support in publicizing climate protection successes such as talking points and customizable press releases
  • Ongoing assistance and support from ICLEI staff that includes providing contacts and facilitating communication with elected liaison counterparts nationally and internationally, as well as recommending resources outside of ICLEI as necessary and appropriate