How Local Governments Support Community-Led Food Systems Transformation

In May 2021, ICLEI and the City of New Haven, CT’s Food System Policy Division hosted the North American Local Food Dialogue on Inclusive Food Systems to inform and contribute to the cities and counties proceedings of the UN Food Systems Summit in September. More than 40 local government stakeholders, including local government staff and […]

4 Ways Google EIE Transformed Transportation Data Collection

Local governments need high-quality, consistent data to plan and achieve their transportation goals. To help meet this need, Google’s Environmental Insights Explorer (EIE) makes locally-relevant, regularly-updated data more accessible than ever.  EIE provides local governments with a streamlined platform to access transportation and building emissions data and rooftop solar capacity that is powered by Google’s […]

ICLEI Leadership Supports a U.S.-Mexico Partnership with Local-Level Climate Action

In their Joint Declaration on United States-Mexico collaboration issued on March 1, President Biden and President López Obrador highlight the importance of tackling the climate crisis, while strengthening coordination on migration, the economy, security, and COVID-19 recovery. As board members of the U.S. and Mexico country offices of ICLEI Local Governments for Sustainability, we welcome […]

Conversation with Maia Davis: Elements of Regional Climate Planning

Maia Davis is a Senior Environmental Planner at the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments (COG). COG connects leaders across the metropolitan Washington region, representing over 5.7 million people, to develop solutions to the area’s major challenges. Maia is part of the COG team that developed and manages the Metropolitan Washington 2030 Climate and Energy Action […]

Transitioning to a Circular Economy: Measuring Where to Start

How cities can build a circular economy can seem complex and perplexing — but it helps to think of local-level circularity as expanding on the “Three R’s” many of us learned in school: to regenerate, rethink, reuse, reduce, and recover. In this way, regeneration, including of the ecosystems upon which our society depends, and rethinking […]

ICLEI USA Congratulates Climate Mayors’ Leadership Announcements

Climate Mayors announced that Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner will become the next Chair of the nationwide peer-to-peer network of U.S.  mayors.  Mayor Turner will fill a vacancy created by Boston Mayor Marty Walsh, who leaves the city and his post at Climate Mayors to become labor secretary in the Biden-Harris administration.  ICLEI Local Governments for […]

ICLEI Action Plan for Biden-Harris First 100 Days

When his inauguration as the forty-sixth President of the United States is complete, Joe Biden will reenter the U.S. into the Paris Climate Agreement. This action will help to create positive momentum around the world, aligning some of the world’s biggest economies and political powers around climate action. To strengthen the power of these goals, […]

Local action upholding the Paris Agreement – five-year anniversary review

As we look forward to our national government reengaging in global climate action, let’s look back at how local action supported the Paris Agreement since its ratification. In the last five years, local governments have diligently implemented integrated, science-based, and engaging action – three focuses of the Paris Agreement. Together, these three areas build communities’ […]

Kelly Takaya King, Maui Hawaii County Councilmember, Joins Board of ICLEI-Local Governments for Sustainability USA

ICLEI-Local Governments for Sustainability USA (ICLEI USA) welcomes Kelly Takaya King, Maui Hawaii County Councilmember, to its Board of Directors. “I am truly honored to join this impressive group and look forward to action-oriented discussions on renewable energy, managed retreat, and other solutions to our climate crisis,” said Councilmember King. “I’m especially excited to bring […]