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City-University Collaborations on Sustainability and Climate from ICLEI USA.

January 31, 2018


Collaboration between universities and their local governments on sustainability initiatives has proven these partnerships can lead to precipitous action on climate change and accelerate community-wide benefits. Throughout 2017, ICLEI USA hosted two graduate interns from University of Colorado-Boulder who dived into an analysis of “town-gown” collaborations on sustainability and climate — producing a number of case studies to support their findings.

Join this January 31, 2018, webinar features researchers Katelyn Manzer and Samuel Krasnobrod, are joined by University of Northern Iowa Energy Manager Eric Giddens to present analysis of these city-university networks and explore several projects that have shown how institutional synergies can be leveraged as catalysts for change.

Localizing the Paris Agreement: Local Government Climate Action and the Road Ahead from ICLEI USA.

January 12, 2018


In December 2015, after years of negotiations, 197 countries made a commitment to work together to address climate change. The Paris Climate Agreement is seen as a turning point for global climate policy and the ability for international cooperation to safeguard the planet. Although the U.S. federal government has walked away from climate action both internationally and at home, thousands of mayors, county officials, and city staff have stepped up to show that local governments can and will carry the momentum of Paris forward — and already are implementing projects to meet ambitious emissions reduction targets.

Join ICLEI USA’s Tools and Technical Director Mike Steinhoff, City of Urbana Environmental Sustainability Manger Scott Tess, and Senior City Planner at the Sewerage and Water Board of New Orleans Bridget Tydor in this webinar, where they will explain what Localizing the Paris Agreement looks like and maps out a path forward for local government climate action in 2018.

Research Applications in Agriculture and Water Management from ICLEI USA.

September 8, 2017


This webinar features two research presentations from Dr. Andre Dozier (Colorado State University) and Dr. Hoi-Fei Mok (ICLEI) on agriculture and water management. Based on his work in the South Platte River Basin, Dr. Dozier will speak on the trade-offs between agricultural and municipal uses of water in rapidly urbanizing, semi-arid regions. His research modeled the effectiveness of different alternative water supply and demand management scenarios. Dr. Mok will present highlights from their work in Shepparton, Australia on the feasibility of wastewater reuse for agricultural irrigation in regional cities. Their project focused on the biophysical impact on crops, public health risks, and economic feasibility.

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