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Toward 1.5 Degrees: ICLEI USA 2016 Annual Report

Spurred by calls from the communities most exposed to climate change impacts, the Paris Climate Agreement set the ambitious goal of limiting the end-of-century global average temperature increase to 1.5° Celsius above pre-industrial levels. Will the United States continue to play a significant role in the global effort to curb warming? Trump said he would look into climate change. He needs look no further than ICLEI member cities — some of whose climate actions are highlighted in this report — for examples of how local governments are charting a path toward reduced emissions that is far steeper than what federal targets aim to achieve. Download the full report.


Let’s Talk Communities & Climate

Let’s Talk Communities and Climate: Communication Guidance for City and Community Leaders is designed to help experienced and novice climate change communicators. This guide synthesizes the latest academic research and message testing on climate communications from across the social sciences into a practical guide to support communities and meaningful discussions of climate change. This report was produced by the Path to Positive Communities program in collaboration with ICLEI USA and ecoAmerica.




State of Local Climate Action: California 2016

A new report out from a group of non-profits and utilities documents city climate leadership in California.  The State of Local Climate Action: California 2016 was developed by ICLEI through the Statewide Energy Efficiency Collaborative (SEEC), a partnership among ICLEI, the Institute for Local Government, Local Government Commission, and the state’s four investor-owned utilities. The report presents a comprehensive picture of measurable local emissions trends, targets, planning efforts, and energy and climate actions in the state, along with in-depth profiles of local and regional agencies pursuing goals like public health and economic development through climate action.  The findings confirm that local governments are making a significant contribution to the State’s climate goals, which are among the most aggressive in the world. Download the report at:



Measuring Up 2015:  How Local Leadership Can Accelerate National Climate Goals

The most extensive national report of its kind, Measuring Up 2015: How Local Leadership Can Accelerate National Climate Goals analyzes data from 116 US cities representing more than 14 percent of the US population, and includes in-depth case studies of four communities: Atlanta, Cincinnati, Minneapolis, and Portland, OR. The data and city profiles demonstrate that local governments can cut greenhouse gas emissions, reduce climate threats, and achieve multiple community goals like lower energy costs, better air quality, improved health, and enhanced economic development.


Local Government Operations Protocol

Preparing for Climate Change: A Guidebook for Local, Regional, and State Governments

Recycling & Composting Emissions Protocol

U.S. Community Protocol for Accounting and Reporting of Greenhouse Gas Emissions


Building Climate Resilient Cities Guidebook

Building Climate Resilient Cities Toolkit

Climate Extremes Communication Guidebook

Preparing for Climate Change: A Guidebook for Local, Regional, and State Governments

Solar Energy & Resilience Planning Guidebook


Resilient Communities for America Federal Policy Initiative: Recommendations to the President’s Task Force on Climate Preparedness and Resilience

Special Reports

Connect with the 100% Renewable Energy Network-Issue 1 September 2016

Outcomes Report: North American Dialogue 100% Renewable Energy in Cities

Fact Sheet:  Solar Energy and Resilient Communities

Case Study:  San Diego County Hazard Mitigation Plan

Integrating Hazard Mitigation and Climate Adaptation Planning: Case Studies and Lessons Learned

Sea Level Rise Adaptation Strategy for San Diego Bay Executive Summary

Sea Level Rise Adaptation Strategy for San Diego Bay  Full Report

Training Workshop: Climate Change and Hazards in San Diego

Strategic Reports

ICLEI USA 2014 Annual Report

ICLEI Seoul Plan: Building a World of Local Actions – ICLEI Strategic Cornerstones and Action Plan 2015-2021

ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability Corporate Report 2014