Application open: 2018 GHG Inventory Cohort Training

Is your city or county planning to complete or update a greenhouse gas inventory? The 2018 GHG Inventory Cohort Training Session is a structured technical assistance program to guide ICLEI member local governments through the steps of creating a community-wide GHG inventory in real time. The Training Session is available to ICLEI member cities at no cost.


The 15-week Session will run from the Week of May 14 through July 31We can assist up to 20 cities, counties, or regional entities in the process of creating a community-scale GHG inventory following either the U.S. Community Protocol (USCP) or Global Protocol for Community-Scale Emissions (GPC).

What assistance will you receive? Program participants will have exclusive access to the following resources:

  • Live, web-based trainings
  • Direct technical assistance
  • Peer exchange and learning
  • Access to the ClearPath tool
  • Enrollment in the online ICLEI Community and customized Learning Portal inventory track

Most local governments will be able to complete their inventory work as the Session progresses. For cities participating in the Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate & Energy, ICLEI will support ClearPath reporting to carbonn Climate Registry or offline reporting to the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP).

Who should participate? Any ICLEI member is eligible. The Session is appropriate for communities either developing their first GHG inventory or those working to update an inventory and want to ensure consistency with protocols and best practices. Priority will be given to local governments that have not completed an inventory in the past and to those that can dedicate committed staff hours to complete an inventory. Local governments working with interns are welcome to apply. Regional entities should focus on an inventory for one local government in your region. (Read a case study from City of Norwalk’s experience.)

2018 Cohort Session Schedule
May 4 – Application deadline
Week of May 7 – Participants announced
Week of May 14 – Project preparation and data requests
July 31 — Session endApproximate training dates:
Week of May 14 — GHG and inventory 101 (optional training)
Week of May 21 — Training: Overview and Inventory Scoping
Week of May 28 — Training: Data Collection Part 1
Week of June 4 — Training: Data Collection Part 2
Week of June 18 — In-person meetup at ICLEI World Congress (optional)
Week of June 25 — Data checkin
Week of July 9 — Training: ClearPath Data Entry
Week of July 23 — Quality Assurance / Quality Control
Week of July 30 — Training: Reporting and DocumentationQuestions? Reply to this email or contact Riana Ackley at
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